About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

I am Leonardo Camargo-Forero, born in Bucaramanga, Colombia, known as La ciudad bonita (The pretty city) or La ciudad de los parques (The city of parks). I love science, technology, writing, sports, traveling and much more. Currently finishing Ph.D in Aerospace Science & Technology in Barcelona TECH. I am a Systems Engineer with a Master of Science in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing and I have been working in Supercomputing, a.k.a. High Performance Computing for the last 9 years and for the last 4, in Robotics. In fact, I am very happy with coming up with a mixture of both, named as High Performance Robotic Computing.    

Also I have lived in 7 countries and 8 cities. Bucaramanga and Manizales in Colombia, Nice and Toulouse in France, Barcelona in Spain, Budapest in Hungary, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Pasadena in USA where I am currently doing a student research visit at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

More importantly I love my family and my friends and my single purpose in life is to create new things, whatever that is, software, intelligent multi-robot supercomputing systems (powered by The ARCHADE), books (such as The Dark Buddha), companies, charity initiatives, drawings, architectural plans, etc. 

Oh and also I am the CEO of UbiHPC, a really cool startup mixing supercomputing and robotics.